The Journey Begins

Marie Rose Delorme

As I start to write about my research, I thought it appropriate to share a radio interview that was conducted a few years ago. Reflecting upon my journey into the study of Indigenous history and culture, I often return to this interview, primarily because I think that the interviewer did a wonderful job of asking the questions that allowed me to share my passion for my research and why it means so much to me. My hope has always been that my research demonstrates a respectful professionalism, while also opening doors for other researchers.

As I have spoken about my research and my book after its publication, I often found that family members of Marie Rose Delorme Smith attended and always expressed their gratitude for sharing their family member's story. And they always had more stories to tell! This fact made it clear to me that no research or historical writing is ever complete, because sometimes sources and stories appear where we never expected to find them. In part due to the interest from Marie Rose's family, I thought I would set up a Facebook page for our book, and many more family members have connected through that page. I refer to it as "our" book because it never would have been possible without the family of Marie Rose Delorme Smith.

Feel free to view the Facebook page.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the interview.