Innovative Education

While researching innovative curriculum design that would incorporate Aboriginal traditional knowledge, I found this article interesting.

The article explains the launch of Algonquin College's Indigenous Cook Pre-Employment Program. While Pre-employment trades programs are not new, this initiative at Algonquin is new to Canada. It combines the traditional learning in Pre-employment programs with a unique application of the practical skills, in that students will have opportunities to prepare traditional Indigenous foods.

According to Algonquin, the response from Indigenous communities from across the country has been excellent. With this program, Algonquin College not only provides unique opportunities for Indigenous learners, but also demonstrates how traditional knowledge can make a positive impact in all areas of post-secondary education.

There are many ways to educate Canadians about the history of Canada that includes a key component of that history--Aboriginal history. Some ways are in traditional classrooms, while some, like this program at Algonquin, allow all Canadians to engage in the culture, given that these students will now go into mainstream Canadian society to share their culture in eating establishments.

During my travels to almost every province in Canada, I cannot recall encountering a restaurant that featured traditional Indigenous foods. I applaud this innovative idea, thanks to Algonquin and to their Aboriginal partners!

Read about this exciting new program here...

Image Credit: Algonquin College