American Review of Canadian Studies

American Review of Canadian Studies

Ian J. Jesse. American Review of Canadian Studies. Volume 44, Issue 2. 2014: 252-253.

Review of The Identities of Marie Rose Delmore Smith: Portrait of a Métis Woman 1861-1960, by Doris Jeanne MacKinnon (University of Regina: Canadian Plains Research Centre, 2012) 208 pp. paper $34.95. ISBN 978-0-88977-236-6.

"Although other scholars have analyzed the life and writings of Marie Rose Delorme Smith, a Metis woman from the Red River area, MacKinnon recognizes that she and her writings provide an interesting case study of identity. In the fourth chapter MacKinnon provides a close reading of Marie Rose's published and unpublished writings. Her comparison between the two, as well as her attention to her "zones of silence," carefully demonstrates that Marie Rose had multiple conflicting identities. MacKinnon makes it clear that the Metis experience has been varied and individual.

Marie Rose not only provides an interesting case study for individual identities and how they are communicated, but also serves as an example of a woman who emerged from the domestic sphere to take on a public voice as an author whose work was both historical and fictional. This book will therefore appeal to those not only interested in Metis identity, but also women's history.

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Ian J. Jesse is a graduate student in the Department of History at University of Maine.