Cross training

University of Alberta

I was interested to read the perspectives of the team teachers in the School of Education at University of Alberta. As they work towards integrating more Aboriginal knowledge into the curriculum for all Bachelor of Education students, they make the insightful observation that, when we learn about the experiences of Aboriginal Canadians, we must be equally open to learning about our own experiences and how we have related to Aboriginal people in our own communities.

The instructors note that it is not always easy for students in the Education program to confront their own attitudes about the racism that Aboriginal students still often encounter when they attend school in non-Aboriginal communities. The instructors also note that the task of ensuring that the high number of students in the Education program have exposure to the course which explores Aboriginal history in Canada can be overwhelming. However, students who have completed the course note that it has changed their perspective as they recognize that they can contribute in a positive way to the path to reconciliation in Canada.