Many Voices

I was interested in the discussion by Academica Group in regards to Indigenization of post-secondary institutions. While some had begun the process prior to the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, many more are now making that transition. I found particularly useful the comments in the Academica discussion by the Aboriginal Advisory Council to the President of the University of Regina. That Council noted that it is key to the transformation of the academy to appreciate that there are Indigenous knowledges, voices and communities to consider. This means that, what may help one post-secondary institution achieve success in the journey to Indigenization may not do the same for another post-secondary. The discussion highlights the need to appreciate the diversity of Canada's Indigenous communities, cultures and knowledge. As the Special Advisor to the President on Indigenous Initiatives at Algonquin College noted, "Any Indigenization effort needs to be guided by the unique nations and peoples represented in an institution's Indigenous students, staff, and community partners."

Academica Group