Let No One Be Denied


A world in which no one is denied the opportunity to speak out and be heard.

This is the mission statement of PhotoVoice.org. I discovered this organization after speaking with a student about her PhotoVoice project. When I visited the website of this non-profit organization, their tagline "Reframing the World" reminded me of an activity that I often facilitated with students in which they were encouraged to view the world from another's perspective. Everyone has their own unique window frame from which they view the world, and that frame is developed over many years based on their own early culture and on their daily interactions with the world.

While the window frame from which we viewed the world as children and adolescents continues to be incredibly important, it is also key to remember the words of Anthony J. D'Angelo who said that when one develops a passion for learning, one never ceases to grow. In the growth that comes of learning, one's window frame for viewing the world expands.

PhotoVoice, as a medium that crosses cultural and linguistic barriers, offers excellent opportunities to enhance one's window frame ofthe world.