Metis Resources

As the debate continues about who can rightfully identify as Metis in the wake of the recent Supreme Court Decision in Daniels v. Canada, I thought I would share this database., one of many now available to Metis people seeking to conduct genealogical research.

For the people who have long maintained that they are the "people who own themselves," it seems that they have not yet reached that point, at least in the eyes of those poised to make decisions about their rights.

Many are holding to the argument that one must be able to trace their ancestry to the Metis people of the Red River area in order to rightfully identify in 2017 as a Metis person. Still others argue that is not the test. If one's familial culture and identity has long been Metis, can the Federal government and governing bodies of some Metis associations tell them they can no longer continue to identify as such?

That appears to be what some are poised to enforce.