Reconciliation Through Indigenization

I was pleased with the response to my final capstone project in the Master of Education program at Queen's University. My project, entitled Moving From Uncertainty to Empathy: Reconciliation Through Indigenization, allowed me to examine the state of Indigenization at Canada's post-secondary institutions. Some of the reviewer comments included "So effective and inspiring. Very engaging. I was so motivated to read on...You continued to remind us of and bring us back to the importance of "point of entry" and what that looks like, sounds like and feels like in post-secondary institutions across Canada as they struggle with and/or neglect indigenization. Your project, I believe, presents an interesting perspective, a realistic picture and a promising plan eg., doable steps, including a workshop design in step 3 and resources designed to inform the process...This is such an exciting and timely project...You and your project in my opinion have the potential to provide a wake up call, (re)ignite the interest and start the process in post-secondary institutions across Canada beginning with your recommendations. You must share this project, on your campus and across the country. Your audio narratives embedded within your written narrative are exactly what you intended them to be eg., engaging, enriching and encouraging the reader to continue on. I have learned so much about indigenization from your project that you must go forward with it starting with potential places shared in the Knowledge Mobilization discussion." Photo credit (Amsden 2019)

To learn more about how I believe we can move forward with Indigenizing our education system in Canada, contact me via the contact page on this website.